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whiteThrough our expertise and network of reliable and experienced security experts, we can support you in raising production security levels of operating plants. We design and recommend preventative measures and reduce risk to such exposures. Our solutions take into consideration assets like information and devices as well as products. We understand that in today’s world, we have to care for everything in storage and everything in transit as they form the basis for production and quality



secure ID systems
exfiltration-500pxHow do you know if your communication partner is authentic (is who he says he is)? Technology set up in the right way will do the job. Chip cards, RFID devices, biometrics such as fingerprint verification and in some cases face recognition – we provide solutions. In machine to machine communication devices also need identity management and we also provide this.
access control solutions
exfiltration-500pxWe verify and provide solutions that monitor and control barriers, doors, gates that consider appropriate people interventions and vehicles as well. Rest assured that you are in competent hands when you partner with during the implementation process.

brand protection, track and trace solutions – not only for pharma
exfiltration-500pxIf you feel the need to assign an ID to devices – which in many cases are goods produced there is more to it than attaching a label. The information that a barcode carries needs to be created appropriately so that it can be tracked. We make it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to fake these IDs. Our track and trace solutions range from custom development to integration with SAP OER – including reporting to authorities.
security for information
exfiltration-500pxAlthough crypto technology has its benefits but we believe more is needed on the overall management of information and focus should be on granting security. Our solutions on information security system is aligned with ISO 27000 covering roles and responsibilities in your organisation with emphasis on processes to handle the information.
employee awareness training
exfiltration-500pxPeople are the most important line of defense towards cyber-attacks. Through our focusses training program, we create awareness amongst your employees on the contemporary threats and familiarize them with global best practice and regulations