For Production


Our expert team of professionals understand production whether pharmaceuticals, oil and gas or other chemical processes. For production, office IT solutions do not offer a suitable fit and your organisation is still exposed to cyber-attacks. Through our innovative tools, we aim to eliminate suspicion as you get to learn how many set-ups you created can be compromised. We believe prevention is the key to protecting seamless production.


Three pillars form our cyber security foundation for industrial IT. One is what we call “go onsite and find the facts”. In this case we put anticipate the attacker’s viewpoint and find what they would find. Another pillar is implementation of measures that contribute to a raised security level. The third is services that you can subscribe to. So we accompany your staff – providing them with current information and advice. A selection of what we offer follows.






assessments for production
usb-desinfection-500pxWe collaborate with your engineering and operations team to identify vulnerabilities with the intent that they are fixed well before any real damage takes place. This is unlike an audit, as our methodology aims to assess vulnerability as opposed to ensuring compliance. As an output, you will receive a detailed report with evaluated findings and recommendations.
asset management for production
usb-desinfection-500pxThis is where your initiative to handle your components in a more secure way starts. Would you be able to list the details of your components that matter when it comes to aspects of security? We offer a tool that supports you in this respect. It can check your components against information on the internet regarding vulnerabilities which might be covered for by patches.
secure remote maintenance for production
production-security-500pxOne of the greatest exposure for production is when maintenance is done by accessing your production components remotely. Our interventions will accomplish maintenance access in a secure manner. End up with an archived video stream in addition to a log entry. Be sure access is granted by a responsible engineer each time and that there is no deliberate access to any system which is not in primary scope by maintenance staff.
secure exchange of data for production
usb-desinfection-500pxThere will always be a need for updates on components, but it is a known fact these days that removable media is the number infection mechanism. Our solutions in this regard, allow files to be brought into production area without any malware. You may have current tools, processes or systems for such tasks but challenge ours and feel the true excitement of being secure.
secure network architecture for production
usb-desinfection-500pxIn today’s world, production automation relies heavily on network communication and infrastructure. This infrastructure may be the vehicle used to spread malware. Through collaboration with plant engineers, we consult, plan and implement a structured approach to combat such instances. Our understanding and comfort of production environments provide purpose built solutions that work seamlessly in both scenarios of greenfield and brownfield.
secure processes (CSMS) for production
usb-desinfection-500px We are well versed in information security management systems and can support such implementations as well as facilitate integration of production aspects into this. We have the capability to offer a cyber-security management system solely for production that is focused on availability and responsibility going beyond just confidentiality and information ownership. The end result is a well defines process that is tailored to management regular operations aspect as well as enable incident response.