For Production


Our expert team of professionals understand production whether pharmaceuticals, oil and gas or other chemical processes. For production, office IT solutions do not offer a suitable fit and your organisation is still exposed to cyber-attacks. Through our innovative tools, we aim to eliminate suspicion as you get to learn how many set-ups you created can be compromised. We believe prevention is the key to protecting seamless production.


Three pillars form our cyber security foundation for industrial IT. One is what we call “go onsite and find the facts”. In this case we put anticipate the attacker’s viewpoint and find what they would find. Another pillar is implementation of measures that contribute to a raised security level. The third is services that you can subscribe to. So we accompany your staff – providing them with current information and advice. A selection of what we offer follows.






assessments for production
asset management for production
secure remote maintenance for production
secure exchange of data for production
secure network architecture for production
secure processes (CSMS) for production